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Kenneth Browne, an eminent licensed public adjuster,
specializing in assessing, analysing and assisting you with your
insurance claim. With an in-depth insight into the most complex and challenging perspectives of
claim document preparation, damage assessment , Kenneth Browne  is your true trusted
partner and advocate when assisting you with the  insurance companies on
your claim.

Whether you are a victim of a major disaster or have a small property damage claim, you'll soon find out that your insurance company's claim adjuster will make every possible effort to protect and prioritize the interests of the insurance company rather than yours. These efforts will usually result in a reduced settlement on your loss. While coping with the most stressful moments of your life, you’ll suddenly realize that your insurance policy can be interpreted in many ways. In fact, you’ll get the feeling that it has been written to cover your insurance company and not your property. That's when you need Kenneth Browne and his team of professionals on your side!

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With, Panic is not an Option

As a highly competent and experienced insurance claims adjuster, the offices of Kenneth Browne will work diligently for you so can obtain the best possible settlement from your insurance company. Being on your side, we will block any attempt of the insurance carrier’s part to confuse or mislead you, guaranteeing that you will be professionally assisted right through to the conclusion of your claim. We will guide and support you all the way, reducing your stress and anxiety.




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Claim Types

Here’s a short list of the type of claims we can handle for you.

  • 1 Fire, Lightning & Smoke
  • 2 Hurricanes, Hail & Tornados
  • 3 Flood & Water Damage
  • 4 Pipe Breaks
  • 5 Collapse & Sinkholes
  • 6 Earthquakes & Volcanos
  • 7 Vehicle Damage
  • 8 Vandalism & Theft
  • 9 Commercial Losses
  • 10 Business Interruption Claims
  • 11 Loss of Use Claims
  • 12 Loss of Rent Claims

... and so much more

Call 800-303-2591

Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to choose

Call 800-303-2591

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What is a Claim?

Some basics...

An insurance claim is a demand presented by a policy holder to their insurance company for damages they sustained as a result of a covered peril under the policy.  To start the process, you have to notify the company by giving them A Notice of Loss, describing the specific damage and what caused it.


What happens next?

No mystery here!

After receiving your claim notice, the Insurance company will need to assess the overall circumstances and then decide whether to approve or deny the claim.  In fact, on many claims, this is where the trouble starts.  This is the area where personal interests conflict with your insurance company's interests.  While you'll attempt to get full reimbursement for the damages, the insurance company will do everything possible to minimize its exposure to your claim.


So, What is a Public Adjuster?

and how can they help me?

A Public Adjuster is a State licensed and bonded adjuster. They represent only you, the policy holder. They represent you concerning the adjustment and resolution of first-party insurance claims on damage to real, personal and business property including any loss of income involved in the insurance claim which is often referred to as a business interruption claim.


Who do you handle claims for?

all types of entities.

Among the most common risks we handle claims for are all Residential & Commercial Building Types, Business and Personal Property, Retail Merchandise, Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehousing, Government, Institutional and many other types of risks.