Hail Storm Damage

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Hail Storm Damage


If you live in an area that receives large hail that can cause damage to your home and personal property, it is helpful to know the claims process and what to expect. When your area has experienced a hail storm, inspect your personal property to see if any damage occurred to your vehicles, siding, shutters or wood fences. This can help you determine if roof damage may have happened.

To Start:

Write down the date of the hail storm and take pictures of the hail that resulted from this storm. If you were unable to capture pictures, do a quick search online in your location to find news pictures of the hail that fell in your area. Save this information so you can provide a copy to your Public Adjuster.

PublicAdjusters.com will provide the necessary scope and estimates and confirm that the damage was, in fact, caused by hail. We will differentiate which damage is from wear and tear and which damage is from the recent hail storm. We will also inspect other items on your property that may have been damaged from the hail such as AC units, tools, windows and screens.

PublicAdjusters.com will investigate the specific policy and your state regulations to ensure that your insurance company does not drop you for filing a claim for this damage. It is prohibited in most states for an insurance company to cancel your policy due to severe weather-related events that lead to damages.

As with Hurricanes, hail storm damage has similar characteristics and the adjusting process and problems are the same;  estimates are deficient and insurance companies use outside adjusters with little knowledge of how to assess the damages properly.

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