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Our Associates of PublicAdjusters.com have helped victims of every major hurricane in the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. They've heard countless times from clients that dealing with the insurance claim process was more debilitating and difficult than dealing with damage the hurricane cased to their homes and businesses. It is our recommendation that as we enter into the most active part of hurricane season, you take proactive measures which will assure the most seamless insurance claims process in the event your home or business is affected by a hurricane. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Call your insurance agent and request a copy of your insurance policy
  2. Photograph or video the contents of your home
  3. Create a written or typed home inventory of all your personal belongings. This includes: furniture, clothing, electronics and any other valuables.
  4. All of these items should be stored in one, waterproof portable container.

In preparation for a hurricane insurance claim, business owners should also have available and accessible the following in ADDITION to the items listed above:

  1. Current appraisals or inspections of all all insured buildings or items.
  2. Tax returns
  3. A vendor list with contact information

If you have questions about being adequately insured please contact PublicAdjusters.com and we will have a licensed public insurance adjuster, specializing in coverage issues, assist you.

For more information on Hurricane Season 2017/2018 and tips on how homeowners, business owners and condominium associations can better prepare for Hurricane Season 20172/2018 or for a hurricane insurance claim please visit:

Our Experts are on Your Side

Publicdjusters.com work with many experts to assist them in the settling of hurricane insurance claims. From structural engineers to meteorologists, they utilize the top experts to help build the best possible claims package on behalf of the clients they serve. These experts have been utilized on hurricane insurance claims that have been underpaid and property claims that have been denied by insurance companies.

After Hurricane Ike, a large insurer in Texas grossly underpaid property insurance claims located in a remote area of Texas based upon the wind versus wave argument. We worked in conjunction with a preeminent and notable forensic meteorologist who, based upon his independent findings, provided to the team weather reports to dispute the insurance company's findings. These weather reports and the expertise of our expert played an integral role in getting the property insurance claims paid and settled.