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November 16, 2011

demoIndependant Members of have negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars – including tens of millions in increased settlements—on behalf of our clients. From Fires to Explosions; to devastating natural disasters such as Floods, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tornados, thousands of victims have turned to us and found a powerful partner to pull them through in their time of need.


 According to the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability

for non-catastrophe, every day  claims, policyholders who used public adjusters received an estimated $9,379 on their claim, compared to $1,391 for those policyholders that did not use a public adjuster (a difference of 674%).

OPPAGA supports the Florida Legislature by providing evaluative research and objective analyses to promote government accountability and the efficient and effective use of public resources. This project was conducted in accordance with applicable evaluation standards. Copies of this report in print or alternate accessible format may be obtained by telephone (850/488-0021), by FAX (850/487-3804), in person, or by mail (OPPAGA Report Production, Claude Pepper Building, Room 312, 111 W. Madison St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-1475).



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is an excellent opportunity to receive a free second opinion about your damages and evaluate the added value of our professional services without any further obligation on your part.

Very few professionals or companies will give you such an accurate and objective assessment about your damaged property. Since we are always on the side of the policyholder and since contractors are not qualified and legally licensed to negotiate your claim with the insurance company, we are your best choice for analyzing your claim situation.

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