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Loss of Rent Claims


Rent Loss / Loss of Rents Insurance

Loss of rents insurance, which is considered mandatory by most mortgage companies, protects you against property damage and the rental income losses that result from a hazard (such as fire or water damage) that caused the rented premises to be uninhabitable. Usually the policy covers a minimum of 6 months of gross rental income. Rent loss insurance is considered part of the hazard insurance policy.

The amount of rent loss coverage will depend on your gross monthly rental income after deducting mortgage payments, utility expenses, maintenance costs, taxes, and insurance premiums. The amount will be determined based on the numbers of rental unit vacancies that exist near your rental property.

The following properties are typically excluded:

  • 100% owner occupied buildings,

  • hotel/motels,

  • nursing homes

  • sorority and fraternity houses

  • boarding houses

  • buildings under construction

  • buildings over water

  • subsidized housing.

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