Hull Damage Claims

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Hull Damage Claims 

Hull Damage 

Hull policies insure against damage to, or loss of, the ship itself.  Policies may be issued on a single vessel basis, or on a fleet basis.  The coverage also includes a limited form of liability coverage under a collision clause (known as the "running down" clause), which covers collision damage to another vessel or its cargo, but does not cover bodily injury or damage to harbors, piers, and other property.

The marine hull form covers the perils of the seas, including the hostile actions of Men-of-War (fighting ships) pirates, rovers and thieves, fire, lightning, earthquakes, enemies, jettison, barratry, and other perils. 

"Jettison" is a voluntary act of destruction in which cargo is cast overboard to save the ship and crew.

"Barritry" is where the master or mariners steal the ship and its cargo.\, willfully sink or desert the ship, or imperil the vesel by disobeying instructions.

The policy can be amended to add coverage for damage caused directly by:

  • accidents in loading, discharging, or handling cargo
  • accidents while entering, leaving, or sitting in dry-dock, graving docks, ways, gridirons, or pontoons
  • explosions aboard ship or elsewhere
  • breakdown of motor generators or other electrical machinery

Duties of the Insured

It is the duty of the insured and their servants (ship's master, officer's, pilots and crew) to take the reasonable measures in a time of peril to avert or minimize a loss.


Notice of an accident or occurance must be given to the underwriter as soon as possible after the date on which the assured, owners, or managers became aware of the occurrence.

  • If notice is NOT given within 180 days of an accident or occurrence being known to the assured, owners, or managers, no claim is recoverable.

  • The primary underwriter is entitled to decide the port to which a vessel will proceed to docking or repair following a loss.

  • The assured must assist with the investigation of any claim.

Deliberate Damage

 Deliberate damage is covered if caused by government authorities to prevent or mitigate a pollution hazard.

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