Fire & Smoke Damage

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Fire and Smoke Damage


Apartment House Fire

Fire is a rapid oxidation which is accompanied by a glow, spark or flame.  It must be sudden and unexpected.

A fire must be "hostile" in that it spreads beyond the boundaries of its intended place in order to file a clam under your policy.  A friendly fire is one that is contained in the place intended for it - like a fire place.

Only the direct physical damage by the fire which includes smoke, soot, water and if the property sits damaged long enough, mold, is covered by the fire peril.

If you suffered a fire loss, you are already under a lot of stress and there is confusion about which direction to go into.  You also may have probably been displaced which makes matters worse.  If you have employees, those issues are compounded even further.

To add insult to injury, the insurance companies, in most instances, require you to do all the work of preparing your claim with no worthwhile assistance from them.  Assessing fire damage claims requires special knowledge of how and where damage can be found.  In many cases, approximately 30% of all fire and smoke claims on a partial loss are hidden damages that the ordinary policyholder in unaware of.  This hidden damage takes a trained professional ferret out of the damaged property.'s first task is to determine the extent of damage by preparing a scope of loss and damage, assist in preparing the inventory of personal or business property and to assist in the preparation of the claims for time element claims, such as Additional Living Expenses or Business Interruption Claims. will also analyze your policy to see what coverages are specific to the type of loss you suffered.

Once a preliminary evaluation of your loss has been made, will be in a position to assist and advise you as to the best way to proceed in bringing your claim to an equitable conclusion with your insurance carrier.

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