Services We Provide

Services We Provide include:

  • Claims Administration & Adjusting
  • Appraisals
  • Arbitrations & Mediations
  • Umpire Services
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Disaster Planning
  • Pre-Loss Inspections

  • Our Services

    Whenever you submit a claim to your insurance company for compensation, you're practically starting a tough negotiation process by traveling through a maze of conflicting issues. Sometimes, it's a real,cruel struggle.

    Are you ready for such a tough challenge? Are you equipped with the necessary knowledge to confront the powerful insurance indusstry? Do you have the experience and energy to go through the negotiation process by yourself? Do you realizing you may be leaving ten's of thosands of dollars on the table which, if not addressed, could not only cause you to lose a lot of money, but in some cases you can also lose your property?

    Reaching a successful claim conclusion is not only a matter of hope, but a matter of personal responsibility for your family and your property. To increase the success prospects of your claim and maximize your settlement, you should partner with a specialized, licensed Public Adjuster who will guide you and assist you along the way. If you want a bigger and better settlement from your insurance company, in order to rebuild and recover, you need a professional Public Adjuster to be on your side; your advocate. You need to get you through this grueling process!

    We can help commercial property owners, homeowners and business owners who need assistance with every type of claim, including hurricane insurance claims, windstorm insurance claims, arson, sinkhole, flood and a host of other claims we can handle.

    To get the most efficient and professional support from a member of the team, call us...

    • As soon as the damage occurs
    • During the claims process
    • After a claim is denied
    • After receiving a bad settlement

    As soon as you hire one of our associates, you'll immediately feel the professionalism. You'll also experience a personal relief, knowing that your claim is in good hands.

    Our licensed insurance adjusters will:
    • Accurately estimate your damage and loss
    • Scrutinize, interpret and explain your insurance policy
    • Thoroughly support your claim with documentation and expert opinion reports
    • Effectively present findings in a professionally prepared claims package and successfully negotiate an equitable settlement on your behalf.

    We at have a 100% success rate for re-opened claims!  Moreover, If we can’t win you a bigger settlement, you won’t have to pay us anything!

    So let's get started now, tomorrow may be too late.  Call us now at (800) 303-2591